What is Woman Within Western Australia?

Woman Within Western Australia (WWWA) is a woman only not-for- profit WA based organisation that is part of the global network of Woman Within communities. We create communities of women who are connected to their feminine essence and feminine power: women who are willing to grow and develop themselves, who are honest, open, respectful, inclusive and loving. We do this by creating opportunities to join a Woman Within Circle®, offering the Woman Within® Weekend (and the second level workshops after completing the initial weekend) in Perth for all women in Australia and New Zealand.

What is the Woman Within® Weekend?

The Woman Within® Weekend originated in the USA and provides a sacred place for women to discover the power & beauty that reside within them – it allows a woman to connect to her “woman within”. It is an opportunity to look with courage and honesty at the life you have created and to make choices about what you want to hold on to, what you want to deepen, and what you want to release. This is a program designed by women, for women. The weekend experience is held over 2 ½ days – Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. It is staffed by women who have participated in the weekend. Since 1987, Woman Within® has touched the lives of over 15,000 women around the world.

Is any Woman able to attend?

Any woman over the age of 18 is able to attend. Women of all backgrounds are welcomed. The training is designed to cater for all. Women in all stages of their “journey” can and do gain from the Woman Within® experience. It is designed in such a way that each woman will find her own path.

Why is the program is held over 2 ½ days and do I have to stay overnight?

The weekend is held over 2 ½ days as a residential program so you are able to be away from any daily life distractions and focus on yourself. Because of the nature of the program, the benefits of the program are enhanced by staying on the site. This weekend is all about you. Gift yourself this time. You are worth it.

How much is the Woman Within Weekend?

The attending fee is $1500AUD. A deposit of $300AUD secures your place. The cost includes qualified Weekend leaders, program, materials, lodging and meals. Payment plans and financial assistance to those in need are available.

Is this weekend religious based?

This program is not based on any religion, and does not promote any one belief over another. The Woman Within® Weekend is based on a fundamental belief of a higher power. What you call this higher power depends on you. The sessions blend a number of experiences drawn from many cultures and practices, and we invite you to honour your own beliefs. At all times you have a choice to participate in an activity or not.

What am I to expect to get from the Woman Within® Weekend?

The weekend is designed for each woman to have her own individual experience that is not compared to any other. You’ll have a chance to look at what may be blocking you from being fully alive and free to be yourself. You’ll participate in some activities and you’ll meet other women. You will be challenged. You will have fun and celebrate your joy.

I know someone who has attended the Mankind Project Training and they are encouraging me to do this weekend. Should I do it?

Only you can answer this question and we urge you to attend the weekend for yourself — not to please someone else. If you are willing and ready to look inside for answers to questions that you may have — about yourself, the choices that you currently make, and your life — then the weekend can provide the opportunity to do so. This program is for you, and you alone need to decide when you are ready to come. No one can decide for you when the time is right.

Are you affiliated with The Mankind Project?

Although the two organizations are not officially affiliated and do not share protocols or sessions, they do share a mission of offering women and men an opportunity to discover more about themselves. MKP is designed for men and Woman Within® is designed for women.

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